Expand your business with our translation

Our company provides Business translation, Audiovisual translation, and Subtitling translation services.

For project requests from companies overseas, our native localization team will deliver solid sentences for Japanese people while assuring the content brand and quality.

After the translation, we can also localize them into high-quality audio by Japanese voice-over professionals.

We will fully support you in entering the Japanese market with our translation and Japanese audio localization services.




  • A society that Japanese and clients from all over the world can connect smoothly, transcending language barriers.
  • A society that each person’s individuality and special skills are recognized and utilized.
  • A society in which each and every task can transform into his/her growth of confidence.
  • A society that people can set their own work style and work sustainably.



⑵Audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling translation)
⑶Business translation
⑷Chat translation (Inside Japan)

⑴Translation+voice-over audio:
We collaborate firmly with Japanese voice artists through our online salon.
At the time of requests from English to Japanese translation, we can also provide audio recordings of the translated materials (converting your written scripts to audio) at any time.

*We can provide voice-overs in the Japanese language by a native Japanese or the English with a Japanese accent.

⑵Audiovisual Translation:
-Dubbing translation
Professional Japanese voice-over artists collaborating with TRANSLU will even record the audio.

-Subtitling translation
Professional staff with a deep understanding and knowledge of Japanese and English will correspond to your request.

⑶Business translation
We will deliver a complete translation text by our double-checking process by our local Japanese translators.

⑷Chat translation (Inside Japan)
In Japan, our motto is “Your Nearby Translation”. We expanded our DM Chat translation services for freelancers providing services overseas.
We connect Japanese people with clients overseas with our gentle and thorough translation sentences that AI translation cannot do.

We will support you in entering the Japanese market with our translation and audio localization service that conveys your messages well to Japanese people.

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